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News from 2011

Avatar of the Month: Joil
The winter months don't seem to know which season they're in! Maybe it's because there's too many ember hot avatars poking about. It's December's avatar of the month!
Avatar of the Month: Inesi
November was as warm as June, so our avatar got a bit lost. But we found it! It was scouting about the coast for Winter. It's Inesi, the avatar of the month.
Andonia: Dark Month wraps up!
The final climactic episode of Andonia's Dark Month is now available in Andonia. Check it out now!
Avatar of the Month: Jakoti
We've caught up! It's October's avatar of the month actually in October! This little guy doesn't look very apologetic though. I'd stay away.
Dark Month Episode 4 now available!
It's almost the end as the fourth episode of five is now available in Andonia!
Avatar of the Month: Banama
A blue striped giraffe baby joins us for a tardy avatar of the month. It's the spritely Banama!
Dark Month Episode 3 now available!
The third episode of five is now available in Andonia! Perhaps the most confusing episode yet! I blame Stickman.
Dark Month episode 2 of 5 now up!
The second episode of Dark Month for 2011 is now available!
Avatar of the Month: Whibow
There's a naughty kitty somewhere around here, if you see him, tell him he's so so LATE! It's October and this is the August avatar of the month!
New 2010 Andonia Episode Up!
The year of 2010 was left unfinished due to the birth of my son. Five episodes were due to wrap up that story arc and the first of those five are now available in Andonia.
Avatar of the Month: Plasmah
If you don't have air conditioning, this is what happens to your apples that get left in the sun. It's the avatar of the month!
Avatar of the Month: Nabbie
Summer is back and isn't going to put up with these winter lovers. The sun is paying a visit to our little turtle friend, Nabbie, the avatar of the month.
Avatar of the Month: Vapr
Kablam! It's raining everyday and our puffy friend in the sky is to blame. Vapr is our avatar of the month and brings his chubby wet face to feed your hungry gardens.
Avatar of Last Month: Hexite
It's the month of May and in the nick of time comes April's avatar of the month, Hexite! He's completely and utterly late. Maybe he should learn to fly a bit higher.
Avatar of the Month: Spwoing
This month's avatar is jumping to life twice! Spwoing is getting some air in the day and night. Catch him if you can!
Avatar of the Month: Winkwink
Things are getting weird in dream land as Winkwink meets up with his friends in the rainbow skies. It's a special end of month avatar of the month!
Happy Chinese New Year!
It's Chinese New Year! Hurray! I hope we don't need to eat rabbit though. It's the Year of the Rabbit!
Avatar of the Month: Tileng
It's not spring, nor summer, but Tileng doesn't seem to understand! Get back inside or put a coat on! It's the avatar of the month!
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