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News from 2010

Avatar of the Month: Quin
Only moments left in 2010, but December's avatar of the month, Quin, won't be left behind!
Avatar of the Month: Wumble
Bumps and worries rain on November for this month's avatar, Wumble!
Avatar of the Month: Kazha
It's time for Hallowe'en with this month's avatar, Kazha!
On October 27th, 2010, my first child was born! Please welcome Xai to the world! Or Pqrs. Or Whizzy. Actually, the name is still a work in progress. Let's go with "Mr. Baby" for now. Hurray!
Andonia Dark Month: 2010
Dark Month is well under way in Andonia!

Get caught up from the beginning to find out what new terrors threaten our heroes (or villains).

Avatar of the Month: Xai
What's in a name? Usually not the letter 'X', but sometimes! This month's avatar likes the letter 'X' just fine. And possibly illegally obtained street signs.
Avatar of the Month: Pookan
Sometimes we plant our gardens a bit late. Or a lot late. But not in the winter, because that's silly, unless you don't get snow. Apparently Pookan thinks it's still fine to start growing things. We'll find out with this month's avatar.
Avatar of the Month: Ruhsuh
Too hot! Summer is winning! Can barely draw firey avatar before passing out. Monthly. Uploaded.
Avatar of the Month: Soker
Time for sports and sport-like activities! Nothing quite like kicking around the cherry tomato! It's this month's avatar, Soker!
Avatar of the Month: Virie
Something's wrong! What happened to all my files?! The avatar of the month is infected!
Avatar of the Month: Splee
The sun isn't quite ready to appear, but Splee is having lots of fun anyways as this month's avatar.
Avatar of the Month: Tyngdu
March shakes us all awake from winter's grasp with this very mushroomy avatar of the month, the Tyngdu.
Avatar of the Month: Gawai
This year brings about a very special coincidence. Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day fall on the same day! Which probably doesn't mean much. But this month's avatar celebrates the love nonetheless.
Avatar of the Month: Gwye
The darkness of winter is upon us, but that won't stop Gwye from taking care of your most trivial needs.
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