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News from 2009

Merry Christmas from Beet's World!
Everyone here at Beet's World would like to send out a warm thanks to everyone that visits and enjoys this site! You're the biggest reason we keep on going. We look forward a new decade in 2010!

Andy Statia
Beet's World
Avatar of the Month: Shway
Christmas is soon coming upon us and the snow is blasting ahead of the start of winter! A baby snowman joins us as avatar of the month, Shway.
Avatar of the Month: Yadsuh
A cold spring and summer brings a warm fall! Covering our grass outside are many many Yadsuh, our avatar of the month for November!
Dark Month 2009
Andonia's Dark Month has come to fitting close. Thank you everyone for reading and visiting. This was the best October for Andonia yet!
Avatar of the Month: Zipzip
The best costume in the world for Hallowe'en, a ghost, has found its way back home after gathering candy for a whole month! It's Zipzip, our avatar of the month for October.

And now it's November. Hurray!
Andonia Dark Month 2009 Wrapping Up!
The final two episodes of the Andonia Dark Month are coming to a close! Tonight we will see the release and close of one portion of the story, and tomorrow the final segment will arrive! Don't miss out!

Also, Happy Hallowe'en everyone!
In the Deep
We're back in the ocean in Andonia. Whatever for?
Avoiding the Vines
It's time for this little guy to fly!
Stand Away from the Door
When doors open beside you, it might be a good idea to stand back.
A Misfire
What happens when you don't know your own strength?.
No Time for Tea
Someone is quite lost. Can you help?.
We're Not Ok
Uh, oh. That doesn't look good. Something is making everyone a little sick.
Strange Lights in the Night Sky
There's some really weird things appearing in the night sky in Andonia.
Getting Cold
A mysterious group of somebodies is trekking through a snowy wonderland in this Dark Month episode. Who could they be?
Back Again

Do you see anybody you recognise in this episode of Andonia's Dark Month?
This episode of the Dark Month is definitely a bit gross. Viewer discretion is advised.
A poor little thing is being treated to some very electrifying treatment tonight.
Misty Visitors
This evening's episode brings a somewhat unwelcome visitor to a humble abode.
A Cold Night
The Dark Month saga continues with a dark cityscape in Andonia. Who inhabits these fine towers?
Dark Month 2009 Begins!
At long last the next Dark Month for Andonia has begun! Each day for the month of October, Andonia will release a new drawing and extended story to continue the saga played out in previous years. Be mindful of everything you may have seen, for Andonia has many secrets still to be revealed.

Feel free to discuss the story and art of Andonia on the forums! What danger threatens Andonia this time? Who lurks in the shadows? Do you know?
Wash your hands after handling strange things
We're not sure what's been found in Andonia, but it would sure be fun to catch and keep in a jar!
Forums come to Beet's World!
Beet's World is cautiously pre-releasing its first community forums! Expect a lot of changes to these forums in short order, both appearance-wise and functionality-wise. You can get to the forums via the menu on the left.

Our Northern Dragon has found a home.
Andonian Tadpoles Dream Big
Awww, look at this little developing guy. Not even any leg buds yet. Hopefully there aren't any hungry birds in Andonia.
Gardening in Andonia
Something weird is floating in the skies of Andonia.
Who's this on the Front Page?
Beet's World has a new visitor! The caped dragon rider is swooping in from the north, looking for a place to call home.
Off to Work!
It's time for work in Andonia and even the simplest of denizens need to earn their keep.
Who is Commander O'Snap?
There's something weird coming from the west? Is it a bird? Is it a bag of Cheetos? No, it's Commander O'Snap! It's another episode from Andonia!
September brings new Andonia episodes!
Returning from a summer hiatus, Andonia is bringing new releases in preparation for this coming October. What has happened since the events of last year? Will the lost Andonians ever return? What of Stickman??
Avatar of the Month: Rire
It's a new school year, the leaves are changing colour, and finally the sun has awoken a little bit and is realising it forgot to set the alarm. Let's help Rire, our avatar of the month for September, get out of bed for a little bit of sunshine before the winter clouds roll in.
Avatar of the Month: Frondli
Rainy days have attacked this summer, but finally the sun has burst forth with its searing might. Under this scorching heat pops Frondli, our avatar of the month for August! And quite late I must add. Sorry about that. We'll try to plant them earlier next year.
Avatar of the Month: Muchi
Everyone pay attention! He's a bit sensitive about his height, his weight, and his moisture level. Stand to attention for July's avatar of the month, Muchi!
Avatar of the Month: Natz
Summer is late this year and June is off to a chilly start. Natz is June's avatar of the month, and the green tail heralds the eventual arrival of summer. Eventually. Probably soon. Five minutes.
Avatar of the Month: Pikipiki
Bulbs are shooting up since it's spring! With it comes quite a few Pikipiki avatars of the month for May. Water them daily!
Avatar of the Month: Womaw
What do you get when you cross a creature of the sea with a creature that can't hold its breath? A good pet! Meet the little curious Womaw. It needs at least two pepperoni pizzas per day. With cheese if its been good.
Upgrade Successful!
The server switch-over seems to have been successful! (unless you can't read this, in which case we're down, sorry about that) Some sub-sites are still being uploaded, but Beet's World and affiliates are mostly back up.
Avatar of the Month: Doe
What do you do when you're writing so fast you can't think up what the next word should be? Grab a handful of March avatars and sprinkle them around. Meet our latest piece of punctuation, March's avatar of the month, Doe.
Avatar of the Month: Quarr
It's the 11th, and we all know what that means, right? Late avatar of the month! Today we welcome February's avatar, Quarr!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year! 2009 is the year of the Ox, which means wearing red is possibly inadvisable until next year.
Night at the Movies
Beet's World is trying something new! Check out the first ever wiggly wobbly animation made from matchsticks. Watch Beet's World Presents.
Advent Calendar archived
The advent calendar for 2008 has gotten tired and decided to take up residence in the Art section. To see the pictures from 2008, head on over there, but try to be quiet. Some of them are sleeping.
Avatar of the Month: Snap
After a nice long holiday comes the cold winter snap with lots of snow! It's January's avatar of the month, Snap!
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