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News from 2008

Merry Christmas!
As the advent calendar draws to a close, everyone here at Beet's World (all one of us), would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

May your next year bring colour, creativity, and excitement!
What's that?!
Why is there a pyramid of 25 tiles with question marks? Why is Breadmin on the lowest one? Do I have to draw 24 more little guys?! What is this, an Advent Calendar or something?

Oh, wait. Oh no! It is!
Avatar of the Month: Breadmin
December's avatar of the month is right on time! Breadmin graces us with his yummy presence. But I think he's up to something sneaky.
Christmas Special
There's something festive sneaking into Beet's World! Looks like a giant gingerbread man to me.
Avatar of the Month: Voka
The leaves have fallen and the one responsible has been found! Voka the Leaf Reaper has arrived along with his tiny green ball, Balooti.
Dark Month 2008 Comes to a Close
The long saga of Andonia's Dark Month has "wrapped up." With Andonia now once again safe, we can all rest and relax. Probably.

You might want to keep checking your closet for monsters, just to be on the safe side.
Andonian Clocks Running Slow
Something is amiss in Andonia! And it seems to be affecting Beet's World as well!

Additionally, apologies for the almost-prompt-but-not-quite release schedule for the Andonia story. Andonian clocks are currently about three days behind the normal world. We here at Beet's World blame either global warming or Superman.
Avatar of the Month: Murasch
Hallowe'en is quickly encroaching and with it brings unpleasant folk like Murasch. Be careful during Dark Month. (Murasch also knows he's late, but I'm not going to tell him)
Andonia Dark Month 2008
It is once again October and that means the return of Dark Month in Andonia! New terrors are again set against this strange world. Each day of October a new episode will be released featuring the progressing story of Andonia's trials against new threats.
Avatar of the Month: Kinae
It's time to get back to learning things and Kinae is here to celebrate (or mourn) the start of school.
Beet's World Recognises the Olympics with August's Avatar!
This month's avatar releases in recognition of the Beijing Olympics! Light the torch with Yachwan!
New Andonia content!
After an unexpected summer vacation and painful reruns, Andonia has begun airing new episodes! Tune in for the latest developments.
Avatar of the Month: Macco Woni
For the first time in a while, we have one showing up on time! It's the venerable Macco Woni! Hurray!
Happy Canada Day!
The entire team at Beet's World wishes everyone (well, Canadians I guess) a very happy Canada Day! May all your maple leaves be red.
Team Ultimate Joins Emoticon Gallery
In a surprise bid for popularity, Team Ultimate has crashed into the ranks of animated stick people. How will their disc skills compare against the ninja swords, cannons, and monstrous teeth of the other teams?
Avatar of the Month: Daren
This month brings the combative Daren! If you need something powered up, he's your guy.
Avatar of the Month: Maekin
Continuing the icony looking avatars is this month's avatar of the month is Maekin. We blame the art studio being packed away in boxes.
Avatar of the Month: Amblefooze
Extremely late but not feeling at all bad about it is this month's avatar of the month is Amblefooze. Don't bother labelling your food.
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to everyone! Here's some colourful eggs that work well as emoticons!

Avatar of the Month: Ehk
It's moving day in Beet's World and everything needs to get packed up, including Ehk!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year! It's 2008, year of the rat! We wish you a great new year and lots of dumplings.
Avatar of the Month: Karaxxa
In the month of February we meet the worrisome Karaxxa. Keep clear of its long icicle horns.
Avatar of the Month: Xhurat
Running a bit late in the new year, we have Xhurat, an ice dragon sort of avatar!
There may be things reawakening where all was once thought dormant.

The Kerplah site, created by Robert McGregor, is showing signs of life with some very interesting artwork!
Happy New Year
It's a new year for Beet's World!

With ten times more snow and a million times more exaggeration, there's sure to be lots in store for Beet's World in 2008.
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