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News from 2007

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to everyone for 2007!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas with lots of excitement and joy. It's certainly a white snowy Christmas for all of us here.

Be safe and happy,
Beet's World Team!
Avatar of the Month: Wobbins
It sure is snowing a lot this year! Little Wobbins is trekking through the pristine white fields in search of his watermelon.
Avatar of the Month: Yukai
Behold this month's most appropriate avatar yet! An autumn coloured fish! Yukai!
Dark Month coming to a close
The final day of the Andonia Dark Month will soon be released and with that the close of this month's epic.

I hope you enjoyed the series and with luck, we'll see some of our new friends showing up again soon!
Andonia Daylight Savings Time?
Updates to Andonia will be running about half a day late for this week. Apologies to those that like to stay up until midnight for the next day's release.
Halloween Hauntings!
Beet's World is being visited by four little spirits! Watch out for Margaret, she's a tricky one. (Don't ask me which one is Margaret. Ghosts all look the same to me.)
Dark Month Continues
The month of unsettling graphic stories continues in Andonia.

For those that watch for each release at midnight, please note that Saturday's issue will probably not be perfectly on time.
Avatar of the Month: Jauren
This month's avatar is the Grim Reaper's nephew! Or grandson. I'm not sure.
The Andonia saga continues
Andonia's Dark Month is in progress and a new story is unfolding.

This year many old characters will return in addition to the inevitable new appearances. Upcoming episodes will also feature significantly more story than before from time to time. You may find it necessary to review the Andonia archives to make sense of certain events.
Dark Month beginning soon
Andonia will once again be returning during the month of October for its Dark Month.

Each day during the month of October there will be a new episode in the world of Andonia.
Beet's World 3.0 Site Launched
The new website, Beet's World 3.0, has been released!

Welcome to the all new interface for Beet's World! Most all content from the previous site has been retained.

However, if you'd still like to visit the old site, it will remain at the same location here: Beet's World 2000.

One quick note, if you're using IE6, you'll probably find this site is very mucky. The graphics used aren't supported by it, so upgrade to something other than IE6 if you'd like to see things properly.
Avatar of the Month released! September's Ontaros
This month we have a rather creepy looking avatar! Hide behind the couch as necessary.

Avatar of the Month released! August's Xhra
Super Avatar Match game added
A new avatar creature has been spawned! It's the weird alien Pacon!

New game added: Super Avatar Match! In case you found the Christmas and Halloween versions too easy, here's a super-sized one using Beet's World avatars!
Avatar of the Month released! July's Mofatius
Happy Canada Day!

Avatar of the Month released! June's Oukalo
Avatar of the Month released! May's Hiyan
Avatar of the Month released! April's Amuragé
Avatar of the Month released! March's Shiba
Avatar of the Month released! February's Binost
New illustration added
A new entry called "Little Rider" has been added to the Illustrations gallery.
New gallery added: Co-Creatures

A new gallery has been added! Please visit the Co-Creatures Image Series.

This project ran from mid-November through to mid-December. Each work took about 6-7 hours to complete, but I am very excited with how they turned out.
Avatar of the Month released! January's Molly
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! It's the year of the Pig!

The January avatar will be delayed due to the New Year's holiday. But don't worry, the Beet's World staff will return soon to get it done!
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