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News from 2006

Advent Calendar this year
This year Beet's World will be running an Advent Calendar in the form of Christmas Avatars! Enjoy!

Avatar of the Month released! December's Frozen Fluff
Avatar of the Month released! November's Chuyu-4
What's a Cintiq?
I've been Cintiqified! What does that mean? It means I've added to my life a powerful drawing aid that will hopefully release my full artistic potential and increase the speed of drawing it as well.
Some of the older Andonia pictures have had descriptions added. Learn more about the crew of the Andonia Venture!

Avatar of the Month released! October's Faxeio
Andonia Update: The "Sightings in Andonia" site has been cleaned up a bit with consistent sizing and formatting. In doing this, many of the images have increased in size, allowing you to see more detail!
Kerplah still quiet, Andonia hopeful
There seems to be weak signs of life at the Kerplah site. Not much life, but considerably less nothing.

There may be hope for the Andonian ship visiting it. Watch for it to return sometime in October!
Dark Month in Andonia
Get ready for Hallowe'en! Andonia will be marking this scary holiday with a whole month of frightening daily pictures! It starts on October 1!

Also note that the Kerplah site (which is not one of my sites) has been experiencing extended outages due to server issues. Andonia will be watching for its return.
All the broken games have been fixed. Very promptly, too!
Avatar of the Month released! September's Splotchie
Daily picture sites launching
Is it a contest? Is it a race? No! It's weird!

Beet's World has begun an experiment to create one new drawing per day (yeah, right!) in sync with another site called "Kerplah!", which will also be drawing a daily picture.

Here are the drawing pages:

Beet's World

Authored by Andy

Sightings in Andonia


Not authored by Andy

House of Kerplah
In recognition of those people everywhere without air conditioners, we reveal August's avatar!

Avatar of the Month released! August's Summer
In preparation for Canada Day, this month's avatar is coming out a little early!

Avatar of the Month released! July's Caneeks
Avatar of the Month released! June's Xuezha
Avatar of the Month released! May's Anokai
Avatar of the Month released! April's Debo
Avatar of the Month released! March's Notidori
Avatar of the Month released! February's Febrino
Animated emoticons for IM fun!
Animated emoticons are returning! Behold Team Grenu!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year! 2006 is the year of the Dog.

This year will bring fortuitous strawberry harvests, bountiful new advances in the field of Sunflower sculpting, and possibly an eclipse on the third moon of Saturn. There's also an excellent chance of snow on Tuesday.

Special Avatar

To help celebrate, we have a special avatar for this occasion.

Avatar for Chinese New Year: Goleo
Avatar of the Month released! January's Oppon
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