Animated Emoticons

These are some sets of weird and awkward animated emoticons for MSN Messenger 7. Use them to terrify and freak out your friends only, please.
Think you've got what it takes to make 15 points? Get on that field and make those discs count!
The frogs of the earth have arisen to defend their destiny! At least, they think its their destiny. It might be the duck's destiny, but in case it's theirs, they're defending it.
Join the ranks of the goofy and weaponless! The Goobles Team are experts at deceiving the enemy into thinking they're all clueless, uncoordinated, dumb as a stone, Easter egg painted, innocent bystanders.
Team Sonar are a highly coordinated group (or "team") of highly trained, highly expert experts. Team Sonar also has a complete lack of redundancy, unlike this paragraph.
The mech team, outfitted with the latest in stealth, not-so-stealth, and "You-Wouldn't-Dare" technology.
When you need a strong and reliable army, look no further than Team Eloquet! No wait, look way further than Team Eloquet. Much, much further... mooore... not enough...
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