Sightings in Andonia
This site details the events of Andonia, a bizarre realm of thoughts and dreams. The artist for this site is Andy Statia. If you'd like to see his other site (that has colour drawings), you can find it at Beet's World.
Week 4
2006-09-19, Week 4, Day 7
Those Left Behind of the Andonian Venture
(Filler #2)

There are some Andonians that would love to join the Venture, but simply lack the skills needed to contribute. Nevertheless, due to their unending enthusiasm, these three have been charged with guarding the keys to the Venture, to be presented to the captain upon launch.

2006-09-18, Week 4, Day 6
Dr. Xecia Oblique, Quantum Physicist for the Andonian Venture
(also the Chief Xenobiologist, Geologist, Physician, and Linguist, depending on when you observe her)

Dr. Xecia is a quantum researcher that has broken through the parallel worlds. She has created a wide array of devices that take advantage of the possible connections between dimensions.  


Her most noteworthy device allows her to exchange places with one of many alternate selves. Thus, she is an expert biologist, chemist, astrophysicist, xenobiologist, and more. The transition is always seamless and she seems to retain the experiences of all timelines across all selves.

2006-09-17, Week 4, Day 5
Ki Po Ta Nu, Engineer for the Andonian Venture

Ki is a superb engineer and was chosen among his people to serve aboard the Venture. Ki's species bears the odd trait of having many "satellites" circling around them all the time. Each "satellite" is a different mind that can take control of the person. This changes their personality and abilities to a large degree, though their knowledge is shared.  


Nu is the dominant personality, solemn and serious, best suited for his engineering role.  


Ki is the excited happy personality, skilled in athletic activities and puzzles.  


Po is a fearful, timid personality, but highly trained in a variety of weapons skills.  


Ta is an angry personality with a poor temper and less self control. It's skills are lagely unknown since Ki generally doesn't allow it to surface.

2006-09-16, Week 4, Day 4
Visch, Security Chief of the Andonian Venture

Visch is a member of the Vael'T race. Most members of his species are highly lawful and self-controlled. Visch is a model member of his race and prides himself on spreading lawfulness.  


His desire to join the Venture stems from the chance of regulating chaos in Kerplah.

2006-09-15, Week 4, Day 3
Put, Vortex Expert for the Andonian Venture

Put is a peculiar creature. Scientists are rare among its race largely due to the lack of arms. Nevertheless, it specialised in theories and conjecture, which produced many remarkable breakthroughs.  


It was Put that helped design the vortex detection system which has finally allowed Andonia to detect and potentially enter the portal to Kerplah.

2006-09-14, Week 4, Day 2
Keta Toxal, Captain of the Andonian Venture

Keta T. is the honourable captain of the Venture. Few Andonians would want to risk travelling through the warping vortex to Kerplah, but Keta has always dreamt of seeing what lies on the other side of it. To him, the unknown it represents is irresistible.

2006-09-13, Week 4, Day 1
Quadtip Ampster, Scout for the Andonian Venture
(also to serve as the canary for Kerplah's alien environment)

The Quadtip Ampster is a scout robot. It will be used on the Venture to test the Kerplah atmosphere and investigate dangerous regions.

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