Episode III: Identity

I awoke only rarely, it was difficult to open my eyes. There was a dim sun above me, bathing me in a warm heat. All around me there were snapping and sucking creatures, latched onto me, holding me down. It was uncomfortable.

Above me in the heavens were more of those vast creatures, drifting into view and away again. Any time I started to move, they would appear and press sleep down upon me again. This is how I lived for a time.

One day, a greater group of the creatures were around me, watching me. They took me away from the dark world I had started to become used to and into a brighter one. Here I fell asleep again, but this time it was a deeper sleep, deeper than anything I had ever known or would know again.

I think I died.

I awoke feeling very different. I wore a new uniform that bore a wide mark on the front, and a lesser mark on my side. It was good to finally have new clothes. My body felt strange, more alive now, more energised.

In addition to this, I found in my hand a little star, glowing brightly. This world was still too heavy for me to move my hands much, but I admired it, caught within my finger.

My newfound power did little stop the bothersome creatures from attacking me. I tried to fight them off, but there were too many, and the larger creatures kept stealing my strength. All around me moved immense creatures of darkness and lesser creatures of light. I was fascinated by the light creatures, flitting about up and down, left to right. Sometimes the dark creatures would come to silence them, but they always returned a few moments later. With the star light in my hand, I tried to rally the other minor creatures of light to help me, but they wouldn’t move from their places in the sky.

Then sleep returned to me once again and darkness wrapped around me.

The next day felt like a week had passed and maybe it had. My uniform had changed again, for I now had powerful gauntlets covering my hands and I used these to fight off the new behemoths that came to hunt me.

My body felt more whole now, stronger. This was clear on my uniform, for the wide mark on my chest was now a harsh line, strong and clear. My previously long straight hair was now shorter.

Before today I didn’t know who I was, I only knew that I was. But looking up, I saw a sign above me, bearing the mark of my name. Though I couldn’t understand the distorted shapes upon the great canvas, I heard it spoken, quietly as though through the deep ocean of my home. It was, Quinlan.

Episode II: Stolen

I wasn't left alone for long. Before I knew what was happening, strange tentacles wrapped around me and pulled me far into the sky. The wind blew through my hair as I was taken up, up, higher than I had ever been.

These creatures were immense, towering from earth to endless sky. I uttered the smallest cry, and even that small sound, my own voice, felt alien to my ears.

Suddenly I was thrust down from the great heights I had been taken. Into a white mountainous place I was dropped. The soil here was warm and had a familiar feel to it. I wasn't sure why, but I felt safer here. This feeling didn't last long, however, as all of a sudden the earth around me began to move, slowly. The weight of this world still prevented me from moving much, so all I could do was wait and see what it did.

Hills rose up around me and a great mountain spiked into view. From above, down from the great sky, came a dark tree, its thick limbs splayed out over me, coming down towards me. Its shadow fell over me and I was shielded from the blinding light.

Then I noticed something... the clockwork sound of the earth was here! A wave of happiness passed through me, my home was here! This feeling of warmth and constant rhythm filled me with peace and comfort.

That rest wasn't to last, however. The tentacles quickly snatched me up again and took me again through the great heavens, their light sealing my eyes shut.

I don't know where I was taken, but the lights of the sky changed from light to dark and then darker. As we travelled, I found it harder and harder to breathe. My old home was an ocean realm, where I didn't need to use my mouth to breathe, but here, I found myself gasping for breath, taking in the strange air here.

Small creatures were brought to me that slipped into my mouth and, though I was afraid, they eased my efforts to breathe. Fatigue began to overcome me, sleep began to press against my mind.

The last thing I remember of that day was being placed in a huge ship, rectangular, with two circular doorways. Lights flickered about it and it was warm inside. The beings of this world sealed the doors behind me and I watched as the space outside began to pass away, replaced by a blur of motion as the ship launched.

Episode I: Among Monsters

My home is a wonderful, warm place. Soft and bright, full of sound. The glow of the sun presses against my face most hours of the day. Each morning I dream, and during the day I sometimes press my hands against the sky and feel its coolness.

The clockwork sound of the ground beneath me keeps me company. When the earth shifts suddenly, it is the most thrilling experience. Sometimes my world becomes so shaken up that I find myself upside down!

This is a place I could never imagine leaving.

One day, I felt a cold chill, colder than anything I've ever felt. It started below me. I was curious, so turned my head to it. The sensation of this cold was new to me and fascinating. I laughed at the strange feelings.

The earth suddenly shuddered and my world got smaller. The sky pressed in on me and the sun came early. Then I noticed the waters around me vanishing and I felt strange. Something was happening.

I waited, sensing the earth below me shifting and moving, pushing me about. It was fun, but I started to wonder what was happening. Then a light came, something I had never imagined possible. It was so bright, it penetrated my closed eyes like a thousand suns.

Then it touched me, a claw grabbed my head and tried to take me away. It pulled and twisted and wrenched me from my home, the only place I had ever known. My hands were too weak to hold on, and I slipped away.

My body was pulled out into a freezing world of blinding light. I wasn't in my world anymore, everything felt strange. Everything moved so fast. My own body felt heavy, too heavy to move. I whimpered but a short, single sound.

The claw dropped me onto a new world, one that was cold on my back and bright on my face. I dared not open my eyes, for even squeezed shut, the sun here burned so bright and cold. The waters here I found hard to breathe. I gasped for breath and soon found myself tiring of the effort.

A shadow descended above me and some thin snake-like creature came near me. It had a small sucking mouth that ate up the water on me. The sound of it was bizarre, and I realised the clockwork sound of my own earth was gone. Nothing made any sense here. Silence and chaos surrounded me.

I had lost my beloved home and was now in a strange world among monsters.